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Our most wanted kit. It includes some of the highest requested items.

Made with high quality durable glassware. Heavy wall flasks. 24/40 glassware. Made in the USA.

It consists of ALL of the following components:


1 x 2000ml  Flat bottom Flask

1 x 1000ml Flat bottom Flask

1 x Vacuum Adapter (Bent, 105 degree)

1 x 200mm Liebig Condenser (distilling column)

1 x Threaded Thermometer Adapter (w/Nylon bushing top)

1 x 200mm 3-Way Vigreux Assembly

  1 x -10C to +260C Thermometer (full length)

1 x Medium Size Kit Stand (5" x 8" Stand, Rod 20" high)

5 x Keck Clamps (to hold all of the glass components together securely)

1 x Metal Utility Clamp (to hold the entire kit onto the stand/rod)






Your savings for this distillation set-up are 15% OFF our regular price (if you were to purchase each component individually)!



                                              Please send mail to sales@glassblowers.com with any questions